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To be honest, it's what I know best. Although my passion is found in landscape, I am experienced in portrait, product and lifestyle photography. Whether you need images for social media or your website. I provide eye-catching,  personalized content. 



Need to announce a new product or service? How about updating your Youtube channel? I provide stunning videos that capture the stories each person, company and movement has to offer.


Written Content


As the blogging world continues to expand, I provide articles that keep your content up to date and diverse as everyone else. A guest article from me, featuring photography tips or product testimonies is a sure bet to draw traffic to your blog.



Sponsored content on my Instagram page is one of my most valuable services. It provides you with instant attention and accreditation to a brand new audience (see below). Because in fact, I have some pretty great followers on Instagram, and they'd love to meet you.



Looking to build long term relationships with a content creator who shares your vision? Look no further. The opportunity to join your team as an ambassador provides consistency in your content and trust in the person you allow to create it.



Interested in new artwork for your home, store or office? Every photograph on this website is for sale! Depending on your needs, I provide artesian prints hosted by local wood-crafted frames. To inquire about pricing, click here to let me know you're interested!



Schumacher Studios exists because I believe for someone to love something, they need to first know its essence. Through the services listed above, I strive to capture the incredible stories that live within each person, each company and each movement. 



My Audience



79% Male

21% Female



1% 13-27

21% 18-24

49% 25-34

22% 35-44

7% 45+


6% New York

2% Charleston

2% Atlanta

2% Philadelphia

1% Los Angeles


Clients, Features and Collaborations